Disaster Health and Environment Management Foundation


About Us

Disaster Health and Environment Management (DHEM) Foundation in a non-government organization (NGO) that has aligned and focused most of their efforts towards the betterment of the grassroot communities. Just like most other NGOs, it also follows a non-profit and self-financed model.

Providing primary health care, socio‐economic development, and disaster management for low‐ income underprivileged people. The three main areas of work includes, but are not limited to

  • Providing primary health care
  • Getting involved in socio-economic development
  • Providing disaster management support for underprivileged members of the society

The organization was formed in 2014. DHEM Foundation aim to implementing an integrated and sustainable community-based health care delivery system and disaster management in both urban and rural areas of Bangladesh. The idea is to bring safe health care facilities to the less affluent section of the population at an affordable cost and prepare them for disaster risk reduction.

8 years since its inception, DHEM foundation has pledged itself as one of the top and upcoming NGOs of the country that aims in implementing community health care delivery systems as well as implementing an effective and efficient disaster management system in both urban and rural areas of Bangladesh.

What separates DHEM from a typical and usual NGO is its reliance and insistence on relying upon an integrated and sustainable approach towards the above.

As part of the above strategy, DHEM aims to bring safe health care facilities to the underprivileged and marginal communities at affordable costs. In addition, DHEM also aims to provide the less affluent members of the society with the necessary tools to effectively manage disaster situations.

In future, DHEM has plans to get more involved with:

  1. Water and sanitation related activities
  2. Providing environmental support
  3. Aiding in disaster recovery efforts for the affected ones
  4. Improving the overall situation of vulnerable groups

In order to achieve these, DHEM wants to take up a wide array of actions that can give quick and significant results.