Disaster Health and Environment Management Foundation



Disaster Health and Environment Management (DHEM) Foundation in a non-government organization (NGO) that has aligned and focused most of their efforts towards the betterment of the grassroot communities. Just like most other NGOs, it also follows a non-profit and self-financed model. Providing primary health care, socio‐economic development, and disaster management for low‐ income underprivileged people.

The organization was formed in 2014. DHEM Foundation aim to implementing an integrated and sustainable community-based health care delivery system and disaster management in both urban and rural areas of Bangladesh. The idea is to bring safe health care facilities to the less affluent section of the population at an affordable cost and prepare them for disaster risk reduction.



  • Promote environmental security and safety for disaster-vulnerable communities.
  • Develop prevention, preparation, response and recovery system for dealing with health problems for the disaster-vulnerable communities.
  • Develop network to consolidate disaster management environment, health, and rehabilitation, and develop resilience among vulnerable communities.
  • Develop and enhance sustainable disaster risk reduction and management mechanisms. 
  • Raise awareness and exchange of environmental, health and disaster expertise, experience and information.
  • Enhance capacity of vulnerable and marginalized communities to develop resilience short and long-term basis.



DHEM Foundation aims to reduce the impacts of disasters and improve environmental conditions among vulnerable communities, including developing resilience to the adverse effects of climate change and improve their socio-economic condition in a sustainable manner.

OUR Project

Our Project

DHEM want to lead the local development sector through the improvement of the rural community’s livelihood and capacity. For doing this, the organization has taken some initiatives that promote low-cost technology and supports recovery of disaster affected area’s population.

Integrated Health Care Program with community participation

Since the inception of DHEM Foundation, it has developed many Rural Health centers where local community members actively participate.

Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Program

DHEM foundation implemented a project in collaboration with SEEDs-India and NSET-Nepal. The title was, ‘Campaigns in High Risk Countries on Emerging Challenges in Bangladesh

Risk Management Framework in Local Disaster Risk Reduction Action Plan

DHEM Foundation has been implementing various Disaster Risk Reduction Programmes from the very first year of its operation.

Arsenic Mitigation Program

The contamination of groundwater by arsenic in Bangladesh is one of the largest poisoning of a population in the history. it is estimated that about 125 million inhabitants of Bangladesh between 35 million

Healthcare Programme

DHEM developed Primary Health Care Centers in urban and rural areas of Bangladesh that provides primary care including child development, NAC, PNC, Nutrition, education and basic medical care. Emergency Health care response and workshops

Disaster risk management (DRM)

DHEM Foundation has been implementing various Disaster Risk Reduction Programmes from the very first year of its operation. As a part of these initiatives DRM centers are also focal points