Super Cyclone “AMPHAN” Emergency Response

Representatives of the Government of Bangladesh were frightened that Cyclone AMPHAN would be the deadliest cyclone in Bangladesh since Sidr (2007), which killed approximately 3,500 people.


Over ten lac people were affected across nine districts in the divisions of Khulna and Barisal, causing at least 26 deaths. Damaging effects began in Bangladesh prior to the landfall of AMPHAN as coastal water levels rose, causing an estimated 11 billion (USD $130 million) in total cyclone damage.


Patuakhali and Bagerhat Districts are coastal areas of Bangladesh, which were the most affected areas by Amphan; as the flood protection embankment broke, huge number of crops were destroyed, fish farms were damaged, and thousands of families become homeless in a matter of days, along with the increase in diarrheal patients.

DHEM has distributed following items


  • 500 pieces of food packs
  • 500 sheets of plastic tarpaulin
  • 5,000 pieces of ORS powder






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